Our Kids

Success Stories


Bobby loves dump trucks, playing patty cake and strained peas. Bobby’s mother was addicted to drugs when he was born. CASA made sure Bobby had the appropriate care for his developmental and health needs. Now Bobby lives with his mother who overcame her addiction and loves him very much!

“I nearly lost my son because of my addiction – but with CASA’s help, I have a family!” – Bobby’s mother





Laticia likes her red shoes, swimming, and singing the Alphabet Song. Laticia and her big sister, Sierra, lost their parents when their father’s domestic violence sent him to jail and their mother to the hospital where she died. CASA immediately got bunk beds so the girls could move in with relatives. CASA ensured the girls had regular counseling and checked in on their progress throughout the year to ensure the girls were healing from their loss. Laticia and her big sister live with their aunt and uncle and four cousins who tell them how much their mother loved them.

“We miss our mom a lot, but our CASA helped us move in with our aunt… and now Mom doesn’t feel so far away.” – Laticia