All You Need Is Love

Posted on March 12th, 2015

76549119(1)Caseworkers from Child Protective Services carried the frail little girl into my living room and into my life. I was a new Foster Parent. Hailey was dressed in a faded blue hospital gown. She was four years old, a victim of child abuse. Bruises covered much of her body. She had been treated and released from Children’s Hospital hours before we met. She was quiet, still and whimpering.

Caseworkers shared with me what they knew about Hailey’s medical condition. They told me a little about her case and after promising to come back and check on us they left.

The next few days and weeks were filled with visits to numerous doctors and therapists. During this time Hailey’s medical condition worsened. It was necessary for her to return to the hospital. Due to brain trauma sustained during the original episode of abuse Hailey could no longer sit, stand or walk. Doctors had done all they could for her. The prognosis was bleak. When doctors released Hailey they said she should begin Physical Therapy as soon as possible, but what Hailey needed more than anything was love.

As soon as Hailey’s health improved enough to travel CPS arranged for her to visit her birth family. We traveled back and forth to the CPS office weekly. It was a difficult for all of us. After one particular visit, Hailey’s caseworker told me about a new group of community volunteers interested in helping abused children. She told me a volunteer from the group would like to come to our home and visit with Hailey and me.

A few days later we met Hailey’s CASA volunteer. Her name was Laverne. Laverne visited with us weekly. She quickly became a dear friend to both of us. She worked tirelessly to forge a path through the case confusion that included birth family, policemen, social workers, judges, attorneys and therapists. Hailey looked forward to her visits with Laverne. She waited at the window for her car to appear for each visit. Laverne was Hailey’s guest at school on Grandmother’s Day and she helped start a Teddy Bear collection that is cherished today. Most importantly Laverne was the one who took the time to listen to what Hailey had to say.

There were many tough decisions to be made regarding Hailey’s future. Laverne made it possible for Hailey to have a say in those decisions. Doctors were amazed at Hailey’s complete recovery. They referred to her as the child that love healed. I am convinced that we owe it all to a loving and caring CASA volunteer.