American Attitudes Towards Child Sexual Abuse

Posted on August 27th, 2012

American Attitudes Towards Child Sexual Abuse Infographic

You may have seen that we recently released a landmark survey gauging American attitudes towards child sexual abuse (CSA). Starting this week, we’re going to have a 3-week blog series unpacking the results of this significant survey. This week we’re focusing on the disconnect between Americans’ recognition of a problem, and the perceived lack of coverage/knowledge surrounding the issue of CSA.

As the infograph above indicates, 9 in 10 Americans recognize CSA as a major problem, but 75% of Americans feel that most cannot recognize the signs of sexual abuse. While we’re encouraged that people have grasped the scope of the issue, we’re determined to improve prevention knowledge.

On top of the fact that Americans lack the knowledge-tools to prevent sexual abuse, Americans believe that sexual abuse is significantly under-reported. 80% of Americans feel that most cases go unreported, and only 40% believe that we hear about cases when they are reported.

It is important for Child Advocates to understand these statistics on attitudes toward CSA, but it is also important that YOU as individuals feel like you have access to prevention, intervention and reaction resources. We encourage you to share these results with your friends and start a conversation around the issue. Do your own research in gauging the attitudes of your friends and family towards child sexual abuse. One of the best ways to protect children is to be open with this difficult issue. Use these results as a learning and a conversation tool!

Information provided by Darkness 2 Light