Charitable donations make a difference in the lives of foster children.

Posted on March 28th, 2018

Every donation makes a transformative difference in the life of a foster child.

Each tax-deductible contribution to Child Advocates supports our CASA Program—the recruitment, training, and supervision of 700+ Court Appointed Special Advocates each year. These dedicated CASA volunteers are ordinary men and women who have stepped up to do extraordinary things:  they volunteer their time and assist foster children one-on-one. After thorough screening and training, CASAs are assigned to the cases of abused, neglected, or abandoned children living in foster care, and are supervised by the professional staff at Child Advocates. Charitable donations are what enable our program to ensure no child falls through the cracks of an overburdened system, and that a safe and permanent home is found for them as soon as possible.

We’ve recently published our annual report to show how the generosity of so many in our community helped our agency do great things in 2017.  View our 2017 annual report.


Together, with your help, we can do great things for children in crisis throughout 2018.

If you have any questions about ways that you can contribute to this cause and make a transformative difference in a child’s life, please call Chief Advancement Officer, Katy Cummings at (317) 493-3067 or email katy@childadvocates.net


About Child Advocates: Child Advocates, Inc. is a nonprofit organization in Indianapolis that mobilizes Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers to break the cycle of child abuse. We speak up for abused children who are lost in the system and guide them into safe environments where they can thrive. Volunteers serve children involved in the juvenile court system once appointed to a child’s case by a juvenile court judge. This means that our volunteers have the legal status, giving them the power to affect real change in the life of a child.