Children in Indianapolis are in crisis. Individuals in our community are struggling with addiction and, as a result, are unable to care for their children. Over the last four years, the number of children we’ve served has doubled.

More children are coming to the child welfare system and are spending longer amounts of time in the system than ever before.

At Child Advocates, we provide best interest advocacy for every child in Indianapolis who is a victim of abuse and/or neglect.


Our challenge is to:
• Advocate for an increasing number of children.
• Ensure the children we serve don’t just survive but thrive.
• Take the issues we see our children facing from the front line and proactively address them.
• Ensure employees and volunteers have the training and tools needed to help our children.
• Be more nimble and financially prepared to respond to our current crisis and the next one.
• Recruit more CASA volunteers to serve the overwhelming amount of children in the child
welfare system.


You can help!Make a Difference

A gift to the Future Voices Campaign sends the message you care about children—today and in the future. Supporting Child Advocates means you want to invest in our future generations. Child Advocates has many challenges and opportunities, but we need your help. More importantly, our children need your help. You can be a voice for children for generations to come by making a gift today.



Download more information about the campaign.



For more information, please contact: Katy Crichlow Cummings, Chief Advancement Officer or call 317-205-3067.