How and Why Youth Are Interrupting Racism for Children | Podcast Episode 14

Posted on July 27th, 2022

Many studies have shown that racism can have a profound impact on the health of children and youth. So, as child advocates, we believe it is crucial to bring them into the conversations about racism.

That’s why we’ve launched a new youth program called “Youth Against Racial Injustice” (YARI) as a part of our “Interrupting Racism for Children” program. The group’s young leader says, “We are really cutting ourselves short if we’re believing that youth don’t come to the table with some very powerful ideas and stories.”

Hear how racism impacts youth, why they are ready to “be the change”, and what unique skillsets they possess to get things done. Listen now to our podcast: “Your Voice. Their Future.”


  • Cindy Booth / Child Advocates CEO
  • Jill English / Chief of Community, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Taylor Miller / Youth Project Coordinator / Interrupting Racism for Children
  • Angela Cain / Communications Consultant / Podcast Host




  • Why Child Advocates started the Interrupting Racism for Children program more than a dozen years ago
  • What led Child Advocates to focus on youth workshops and how youth ‘show up differently’ at those workshops and often come back for more
  • Why youth are more open to conversations about race
  • How racism impacts youth and how empathy is growing between youth in these workshops
  • Why the new youth leader of “Youth Against Racial Injustice” wanted to help interrupt racism for children
  • Why the new youth leader thinks young people should attend the workshop, join the youth group, and *need* to be a part of the conversation on racism
  • What young people uniquely ‘bring to the table’ to interrupt racism and how they can spread the message far and wide
  • How Interrupting Racism for Children is building relationships between diverse youth and giving marginalized youth new experiences
  • What Child Advocates sees for the future of “Youth Against Racial Injustice” (YARI)
  • Why “Interrupting Racism for Children” is good for children’s mental health
  • A reminder that “Interrupting Racism for Children” is not about ‘shame and blame, and why Child Advocates’ CEO says attendees should be curious, not fearful
  • What both youth and adults are saying about the “Interrupting Racism for Children” workshops and how it is changing them
  • How the community, organizations, and foundations can support the youth workshops and new youth group
  • How people can attend “Interrupting Racism for Children” workshops and learn how to help stop racism in its tracks

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