Meet Sophie

Posted on May 25th, 2018

Sophie was removed from her home just after starting preschool. Her teachers noticed she was not learning as quickly as her classmates, and would most likely need extra help to be kindergarten ready. She is now living with her grandparents. She turns five next week.

A  CASA volunteer stepped up to advocate for Sophie.

With the help of a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteer, Sophie was able to thrive. Her volunteer talked to Sophie’s teachers, social workers, parents, and grandparents in order to write a full report to the judge on Sophie’s behalf. Her volunteer was successful in advocating for individualized therapy to work on Sophie’s speech and motor skills. Sophie trusted her CASA volunteer.

In addition to working with the various adults in Sophie’s life, the volunteer got to know Sophie. She learned that her favorite color is pink, she loves Dr. Seuss books, is afraid of the heights, and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. During the length of Sophie’s case, she had 7 social workers, 3 therapists, and 2 different lawyers but she only had one Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Towards the end of the case, the volunteer asked Sophie what she wanted. Sophie replied that she would like to be able to call her grandmother, “mommy”. She also asked the volunteer if they could still be friends after she was adopted.

Sophie is now in first grade, she was adopted into a safe home with her grandparents, and her CASA volunteer is still a friend to her and visits from time to time.

Thousands of children, just like Sophie, are still waiting for someone to advocate for them.

With your help, every child in need can find a safe, permanent and nurturing home.