Our Kids. Our Cases. Meet Ariel

Posted on March 16th, 2016

The following stories are true; though names and specific details have been altered in order protect the privacy of our children.

Every day in Marion County more than 10 children are victims of abuse and neglect. These are their stories.

Beautiful teenage girl on a sunny day

Ariel is escorted into a room at the Emergency Shelter Care Unit. She is very shaken, confused and scared. She has a black eye and other various bruises on her body. After some time, Ariel understands she needs to speak about her current living situation. She’s been residing with an older gentleman. She is not from here. In fact, Ariel and her parents are from Oklahoma.

For the past 6 months Ariel has been living with an older gentleman named Mr. Quick. Her parents have been sending him money. Mr. Quick beats Ariel and does not allow her to communicate with people outside of the home. He has on several occasions raped, bitten and tased her.

Ariel is unsure of everything and everyone . She wants to be safe.

You can be her voice, her shield, her champion. Become a volunteer advocate.

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