Danielle Pierson and Ebony Dycus became close, much like a big sister/little sister relationship due to some very similar circumstances and their own perseverance. Both of these young women spent over 12 years as wards of the state of Indiana. Each also aged out of the care of Department of Child Services at 21.

“We both have seen our fair share of parental abandonment, foster homes, trauma, group homes and even residential treatment facilities. Yet one of the things that became a glimmer of hope for each of us is our Child Advocate.” (Danielle) In 2009, Danielle and Ebony met for the first time. Ebony was a current foster youth and Danielle was a former foster youth, nonetheless both had the same passion and heart for youth who are in the foster care system. “We both know the struggles emotionally, physically and even mentally that growing up in the foster care system can have on a child especially while trying to be a “normal” teenager.” -Danielle

The Prom Closet is an idea created by Ebony and Danielle with the support of


Child Advocates. Danielle and Ebony will give 75 young ladies and 10-15 young men in the foster care system FREE new or gently used formal dresses, formal menswear, shoes, accessories, gift cards and even the chance to win to get their hair done or a spa manicure and pedicure.

The Prom Closet is important to me because when I was in foster care I wanted so badly to attend prom. I mean who doesn’t as a teenager! However, I couldn’t afford to go to prom even with a part-time job. My manager at the time surprised me and paid for half of my dress cost. She also gave me a manicure and pedicure. ”- Ebony

This is why it’s so important to now pay it forward for both Danielle and Ebony. Going to prom is truly a night that will bring life-long memories. Danielle and Ebony want youth who they know are experiencing a very difficult time to have the same opportunity without the unnecessary additional stress.

This is why they need your help and support!

Questions? Contact Danielle Pierson: 317-493-2234

Drop off Dates: March 12-March 29   

Time: 9:30am-4:30pm   

Drop off Location: Child Advocates 8200 Haverstick Road, Suite 150

Donate new or gently used formal dresses, menswear, shoes etc.

Donate Visa/MasterCard/Amex Gift Cards