The Stories of Children Facing Abuse and How Child Advocates Seeks Justice | Podcast Episode 8

Posted on December 28th, 2021

Child Advocates stands up for justice and equity for children and youth who face abuse and neglect. So, what does it take to help a child find a safe and secure home? It takes key warriors helping prep their case for court. Meet them, hear life-changing stories of the children they serve, and see how you can help.





  • 6:45 – What Child Advocates attorneys do, specifically, to help vulnerable children find a safe and secure home
  • 9:55 – A story from Cindy Booth – The very first case she handled and its’ impact on a little girl
  • 11:40 – A story from Carey Haley-Wong – Her passion for preventing children from getting ‘stuck in the child welfare system’ and why resolving those cases matters most
  • 14:05 – How the child welfare system too often focuses on a ‘quick case closure’ rather than finding a permanent home for children
  • 17:15 How listeners can support the work to help Child Advocates serve more vulnerable children statewide
  • 19:40 – How Child Advocates often goes where other child advocacy agencies ‘fear to tread.’ It’s one of the few Indiana agencies (if not the only one) that also focuses on serving immigrant children who face abuse and neglect
  • 22:50 – Why Child Advocates feels empowered to “draw outside the lines” and do whatever it takes to get a safe, permanent home for children.
  • 23:35 – The added burdens and challenges immigrant children confront when they are often helpless in a foreign land while facing abuse or neglect
  • 29:15 – A story of an immigrant child who fled Honduras after his mother’s death but then faced abuse from his father in America
  • 35:47 – Why Child Advocates’ conducts a race equity program that fights for justice so that *no abused child is ignored*
  • 41:29 – The importance of Child Advocates’ attorneys’ work in fighting for what is in “the best interest” of every child, especially young children

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