Unification through Education

Posted on December 10th, 2019

Glick Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation, awards Child Advocates Grant for Community Building through Education

As one of the many Central Indiana Community Foundation Funds, the Glick Fund is a charitable initiative focused on bolstering the community by creating opportunity and supporting sustainable philanthropic development. The Glick Fund is an influential element of Glick Philanthropies, offering financial support to various organizations throughout central Indiana that promote community building and self-sufficiency.

Awarding only a handful of donations to carefully chosen recipients, the Glick Fund selected Child Advocates to receive a generous gift of $40,000. This grant will be used to increase the percentage of foster youth from the Far Eastside who receive support through the Educational Liaison Program from 15% to 35% to increase access to educational opportunities and support efforts to achieve self-sufficiency.

The Child Advocates Educational Liaison Program works to improve the educational outcomes of students in the system by fostering inclusive conversations between a child’s caretakers, social workers, and school system. Many children in the child welfare system have trouble in school due to the trauma they have experienced during their developmental years.

Educational Liaisons work to educate the child’s support network on how to best respond to such experiences and/or behavior, assisting with the comprehensive discussion of trauma and proper trauma response. In doing so, they help alleviate the miscommunication to improve both current circumstances and future educational outcomes.

The Glick Fund’s generous grant will allow Child Advocates to continue its work in regards to the Educational Liaison Program, supporting the education of some of the community’s most vulnerable youth and promoting self-sufficiency for years to come.

About the Glick Fund at Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF)

The Glick Fund at Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) was established by Eugene and Marilyn Glick in 1998 to support a variety of philanthropic organizations and programs in central Indiana, particularly those benefiting the arts, cultural and civic causes, education, self-sufficiency and basic needs. The Glick Fund at CICF also supports initiatives aimed at elevating the quality of life in central Indiana, including through its $18 million gift to the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, an asset connecting core neighborhoods of Indianapolis and driving urban economic development. The Glick Fund at CICF is a part of Glick Philanthropies, a family of charitable initiatives, programs and organizations focused on building community and creating opportunity.