Volunteer Interview with Stacey Moore

Posted on December 17th, 2018

When did you become a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Volunteer? I’ve been a CASA Volunteer for about 2 years.

What made you decide to become a CASA Volunteer? I knew it was something I could do. I wanted to give back and I know children needed help. I thought it was time for me to get into helping out the community and I enjoy working with children.

What is the most rewarding part of being a CASA Volunteer? Getting the opportunity to get to know the children and to see their smile. I enjoy making sure they are okay and they are being taken care of. Hearing children say thank you and be happy to see you, even the parents, can be really rewarding. The good feeling I get from interacting with the children.

What advice would you give to someone interested in being a CASA Volunteer? Make sure you have patience, compassion, understanding and time.

Would you recommend being a CASA Volunteer to someone? Yes! If you want to impact the future, what little seed you may plant in the time you are in a child’s life can grow into a beautiful thing. You can make a difference!

Tell us a little about yourself….I graduated with Bachelors and MBA. Worked in HR. I’m Director of Talent Management at Strada Education. I’m married and have two children and 5 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Blended together we have 11 total grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

I love crafts, sewing, DYI projects. I like the Brickyard 400, Indy Car, Nascar, drag show. I love fast cars as long as I’m not driving them.

Group affiliations: I’m involved in a mentoring group called “Pass the Torch for Women” we mentor ladies who are going through a program called Project Grow which is affiliated with Ivy Tech and other schools. They go through a series of programs with networking, debt management, and life skills.

Tell us about a case you’ve worked on…The case I’m working on now, his name is Brandon. He is 4. He has come into care due to neglect and domestic violence in his home.

When I first met him he was a little stand-offish, then the next visit he let me in a little and wanted to show me his toys and new bedroom. At our most recent visit, he ran up and gave me a hug and was so happy to see me. It was so sweet and meant so much to know that I could make him happy.

I’m working a lot with his grandmother and the mother. I’ve become very close to his grandmother and I really enjoy spending time with her and speaking with her.

Being a CASA Volunteer has no comparison to other volunteer experiences. Working with children is so different. It’s so fun working with the kids. It can be challenging and heartbreaking, but all in all, it’s good work and very rewarding.

I enjoy working with the families too. I like to remind parents that they can do this, get through this, and be successful.

I do feel like I’m really making a difference. It may be providing comfort or services to the child at that time. If I can help a child meet a need, then I know today I’m making a difference.

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