Picture1Meet Mary Glenn Rhinne, the Volunteer Advocate

Mother of three daughters, grandmother of seven.

 Career in deaf education that led to teaching opportunities in three states. Doctorate in education,    retired principal of the IN School for the Deaf.

 Has been a Volunteer Advocate for 4 1/2 years, handling 5 cases involving 16 children.

Mary Glenn says she always wants to be a familiar face her CASA kids are happy to see. She collects gently used books to bring them when she visits. Whether or not they are strong readers, they always seem to appreciate a new book… and the educator in her feels good about promoting reading!

It’s difficult for Mary Glenn to pinpoint one thing that’s most rewarding about being a   Volunteer Advocate. She says, “This work brought me into a ‘world’ with which I was not very familiar. I better understand the  illness of addiction and the insidiousness of poverty. I get to see the DAILY resilience of youth practiced by those facing multiple unknowns.”