Child Advocates champions children and families across Indiana advocating for justice, equity, and well-being for children and youth in child welfare; helping them succeed in school; seeking racial equity to help build them a better future; and connecting them to mental health services that can change their lives.

How We Impact Children’s Lives:

  • Our attorneys serve children and youth, in the child welfare system across Indiana, who have experienced abuse and/or neglect, helping them find safe and permanent homes.
  • Our family liaisons connect children with serious mental health or behavioral challenges to a state-funded program for treatment.
  • Our educational liaisons offer free educational services to children who are struggling in school due to life traumas and challenges.
  • Our racial equity facilitators advocate for equity and equality for children in the child welfare system and in our communities.

Through our programs, we have helped change the lives of many children with the support of a community of individuals, businesses, foundations, and volunteers. We believe, as they do, that all children deserve to live a life filled with hope, possibilities, and opportunities.