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Do you want to create a better world for children?

Abuse. Neglect. Racism. Those are some of the issues our children face daily across our nation. We are on a mission to amplify our voices to serve vulnerable children across Indiana and beyond. Child Advocates in Indianapolis believes that our collective voices can help change our children’s future.

Our podcast shares some of the ways we advocate for justice, equity, and wellness for vulnerable children statewide and how you can join us. Our programs include Legal Services for children who’ve faced abuse and neglect; the Educational Liaison program which helps improve educational outcomes for children who’ve faced life traumas or other challenges; our Children’s Mental Health Program which helps families apply for a state-funded Child Mental Health Wraparound program.

And we also host groundbreaking, anti-racism workshops called Interrupting Racism for Children. Our “no shame, no blame” workshops are open to everyone. We want to help create communities where children thrive, and race is not a predictor of their life outcomes.

Our podcast will share critical conversations from Child Advocates to help you stop racism, abuse, and neglect for children, or access services that can help transform their lives. We want you to raise your voice for their future. Our children need us and the time is…now.

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