Youth Against Racial Injustice


If you have attended an IRFC Youth Workshop, we invite you to become a part of Youth Against Racial Injustice (YARI).

This is a space for teens and young adults to come together to build relationships, engage in meaningful conversations around racism, and create and grow together.

IRFC trusts and values the genius of young people, and invites members to collaboratively guide the group. For more information, please reach out to Jenny Buckingham (jenny@childadvocates.net). We hope you consider joining YARI!


If you appreciate the work of IRFC and YARI, please click HERE or Scan the QR code below to donate!

Thank you for your support!





We Are Offering

Youth-led conversations and initiatives

Guest speakers

Opportunities for creativity

Group excursions

Join your peers who have attended the IRFC workshop

Contact: Jenny Buckingham for more info!


 “Listen to other experiences. Read more, understand more, educate new people.”

             “Spread the word to my generation. Tell my history teacher. Teach my sisters and brothers so that [they] start with clean groundwater.”

 “… Start speaking up for others.”           

   “…I’ll also be able to better understand where people are coming from.”