How is your child performing in school? Do they have academic, behavioral, or social challenges?

Our Educational Liaison Program works to improve educational outcomes for children who need additional social, emotional, and educational support to succeed in school due to trauma or other life challenges. Our educational liaisons collaborate with school staff, parents/caregivers, and service providers to develop educational plans that accommodate and support each child’s unique needs.

We model the development of positive partnerships to achieve better educational outcomes for students. Your child’s social and emotional needs are the foundation from which we look at all educational planning. And we believe in the potential of every child.

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Our educational liaisons helped a grandparent who offered kinship care for a grandchild after the child was placed in the child welfare system. Due to past trauma in the grandparent’s home, the grandchild had trust and behavior issues impacting them academically. Our educational liaisons found someone in the school system whom the grandchild trusted to help, and we guided the child’s path forward. That child is having more success in school today.

Our educational liaisons helped children whose parents abandoned them. The children were distrustful and anxious about their future which affected their school work. We worked with the school to help them develop a relationship with staff, join a counseling group, and build student friendships that improved their social connections and academic success.

Listen to this important video conversation with Donna Walker, an Educational Liaison and longtime educator, as she explains some of the challenges children face in school and how we help address them.

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