Child Advocates Legal Services

Our attorneys at Child Advocates provide a wide variety of legal services to best accommodate the specific needs of our community’s most vulnerable children. These services include but are not limited to; appellate work, motion practice, legal consultation, petitions, testimony and trial assistance, training, immigration, CAPTA, etc.

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Best Interest Advocacy

As attorneys for Guardians Ad Litem and Court Appointed Special Advocates, we assist CASAs in achieving what is in the child’s best interest in their Children in Need of Services (CHINS) cases. This is often completed through our assistance with testimony, courtroom or motion practice in advocating for the child’s need (placement, permanency plans, sibling contact, education, etc.) or filing for guardianship or third party custody. We also provide legal assistance in Terminating Parental Rights (TPR).

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Immigration Services

Child Advocates Immigration Team assists children in the child welfare system with immigration issues.  Often when youth are involved in both systems the steps to obtaining a safe, stable and permanent home can be overwhelming.  Our team of attorneys assist youth with obtaining legal status in the United States, obtaining citizenship, and work permits, and obtaining copies of important immigration documents.  We focus specifically on children who are involved in both systems to help ease the trauma and eliminate immigration related barriers to permanency.

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