New CEO & How You Can Be a Child Advocate | Podcast Episode 22

Posted on December 28th, 2023

We are going through major change in leadership in 2024 but our work for vulnerable children across Indiana is as strong as ever!

Our CEO, Cindy Booth, is officially retiring after 30 years of initiating groundbreaking work in the child welfare system to help serve vulnerable children.

Hear about Cindy’s life-changing impact on tens of thousands of children. Meet our new CEO as she and Cindy discuss what is and is not working in the child welfare system.

And learn how you can be a child advocate and help hurting children this Giving Season and in the New Year. Help us change children’s lives!

Listen to Your Voice. Their future.

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  • Cindy Booth reviews some of the groundbreaking programs that Child Advocates has implemented, over the years, to better serve foster children in the child welfare system
  • Cindy shares unique insight on what is and isn’t working in the child welfare system. Hear her concerns about removing some children from homes just because the families are poor
  • Hear to whom Cindy thinks the child welfare system needs to start *listening*
  • Hear why Cindy says, ‘We are not holding ourselves accountable…” and talks about what we are ignoring in the child welfare system in Indiana that could improve foster children’s life outcomes.
  • Meet Child Advocates new CEO, Phyllis Armstrong, and hear what she says is and isn’t working in the child welfare system
  • Learn what Child Advocates offers older foster children that no other organization in Indiana does and how it gives older foster children a ‘voice in their future.’
  • Hear how our mediation program is helping foster children find permanent homes sooner
  • Learn about the programs Child Advocates offers Hoosier children *outside of the child welfare system* and how those programs are helping children succeed in school; directing children to mental health help statewide; and interrupting racism for children to build every child a better future
  • Hear Cindy Booth’s advice to Phyllis Armstrong as she takes the reins as the new CEO on January 1st, 2024
  • Hear what Phyllis Armstrong has learned from Cindy Booth
  • And learn how *everyone* can be a child advocate and how you can help us change children’s lives this Giving Season and in the New Year