How to Be an Ally for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work and at Home | Podcast Episode 13

Posted on May 28th, 2022

Three Mothers and business leaders – one Black and two white – have an authentic conversation about race; how to be an ally for diversity, equity, and inclusion at work and at home for our children; and how we can build a better future for every child where their race will not be a predictor of their life outcomes.

Child Advocates invited a highly acclaimed TEDx speaker, inclusive leader, and author as a guest on this episode. You will hear a passionate and insightful discussion from various perspectives and experiences: some that may surprise you… some that may resonate with you… and some stories that could break down walls between us. Listen to, “Your Voice. Their Future.”





  • Why Cindy Booth says it’s important to bring humanity back into the discussion of race and racism
  • What led Julie Kratz to start studying unconscious bias and unpacking racism
  • A discussion about recognizing each of our different ‘lived experiences’ and how they can impact us
  • An examination of “white privilege” and why it can be misinterpreted, mistakenly, as… “I’m a bad person”; Also, why it used to make Julie uneasy and her ‘Aha! moment that helped understand what that truly means
  • Angela Cain unpacks her perspective on ‘affinity bias’ that Black people sometimes face when seeking jobs
  • Julie’s insight on 75% of white people living in white-dominated communities and how they can intentionally build a more diverse network
  • Angela’s story of walking a tightrope in some workplace situations, as a Black woman leader, and how ‘speaking up’ came with risks and repercussions to her career
  • The importance of allies in the workplace and why we need them
  • An exploration of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and its benefits and why ‘psychological safety’ is a key ingredient to building high performing teams
  • Julie’s examination of the “Zero Sum Game” – when some white workers feel threatened and uncomfortable with diversity – and why she views that as a disruption
  • A discussion about the variety of diversity—not just racial diversity—and some of the lessons we can learn about DEI from children
  • A profile of Julie’s book “Allyship in Action: 10 Strategies for Living Inclusively” and why her children’s book on diversity titled, “Little Allies”, was banned
  • A question Cindy and Julie expound on: “What are some white people afraid of when it comes to talking about race?”… while Angela admits she feels there is sometimes “a fear of us, of Black and brown people, of immigrants, of people who are different.”
  • How politics is treading into divisive areas around DEI, and resources where we can increase our education on these issues
  • How knowing each other’s stories can help us cross some of our divides
  • How leaders in the workplace can be better allies for all employees
  • How parents can teach their children to be allies and how that could change their future
  • How families can intentionally bring more diversity into their homes
  • Why protecting our children from discussions about the reality of race and diversity can harm children from diverse backgrounds
  • Where people can attend “Interrupting Racism for Children” workshops to learn how to help stop racism in its tracks

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