Groundbreaking Study on Attorneys for Foster Kids | Podcast Episode 17

Posted on April 28th, 2023

We have exciting news! Find out why Notre Dame University chose us to take part in a first-of-its-kind study in the U.S. to research the impact on foster children when they have an attorney representing them.

And find out why some of our attorneys are teaching a new and unique course for law students about child representation at Indiana University.

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  • How and why Notre Dame’s LEO (Lab for Economic Opportunities) program chose us as a co-hort for the first randomized, control trial to study the effect of counsel (attorneys) for foster children
  • How LEO’s mission is designed to help prevent poverty
  • An overview of our Direct Representation program. We are the only organization in Indiana that offers in-house attorneys, at no cost, to represent a foster child and what they want for their future
  • Why we think it is important for older foster children to have an attorney. Indiana is one of only seven U.S. states that does not mandate attorneys for some children, and one of 14 states that does not mandate attorneys for all
  • Why foster children have a greater risk for poverty and other adverse life outcomes and the role an attorney could play in their future
  • What our Child Advocates’ attorneys hope the LEO research on attorney representation for foster children will reveal
  • When the LEO research with Child Advocates will launch
  • Hear about our new and unique university course! Why some of our Direct Representation attorneys are now adjunct professors and where and what they are teaching law students
  • Hear from a law student who took our course on child representation about what she learned and her firsthand experience representing foster children
  • An update on legislation in Indiana surrounding attorneys for foster children in the child welfare system

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