How to Support LGBTQ+ Children and Communities | Podcast Episode 19

Posted on June 30th, 2023

“My hope is that our children inherit a world that is better and more just.”

Hear a critical conversation about LGBTQ+ children and other marginalized communities during Pride Month.

We discuss disturbing statistics on LGBTQ+ children in the child welfare system; why Child Advocates is taking national inclusion training to support “All Children – All Families” and encouraging others to do the same; and how to cultivate a belonging culture in businesses and at home. Hear great advice from our guest expert.

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  • Learn more about the All Children-All Families national training program for child welfare systems
  • Learn about Cultivating a Belonging Culture and how it might benefit your business and increase inclusion and understanding
  • Get information on all of the Child Advocates’ programs that advocate for justice, equity, and wellness for children including in the child welfare system:
  • Are you a caring adult? Get tickets for the last movie in our “One Caring Adult Film Series” at the Kan-Kan Cinema and Brasserie to benefit foster children. Have dinner and a movie with family and friends.


  • How and why Child Advocates staff is getting national training from the All Children – All Families program that promotes LBGTQ+ inclusive policies and affirming practices among child welfare agencies
  • Why this training is important for other child welfare agencies across Indiana even though only a few counties are currently taking it
  • What it takes to be part of All Children – All Families training
  • What this training means through the eyes of our guest expert, an LGBTQ advocate, and consultant for All Children-All Families and founder of Cultivating a Belonging Culture
  • What it means to the LGBTQ+ community to know that 30% of children in the child welfare system are LGBTQ+. We explore some of the disturbing reasons that this may be happening
  • Why Gregg Ellis, our Special Projects leader, says the child welfare system as a whole is far behind in providing best care and resources to LGBTQ+ children
  • What lessons businesses can learn about inclusion from the Cultivating a Belonging Culture organization founded by our guest expert, Tyne Partell
  • How Child Advocates and Cultivating a Belonging Culture are interrupting racism and supporting other marginalized communities
  • Critical topic as we discuss our biggest concerns about the cultural divisions that are growing in America as we explore the topic from our diverse viewpoints: white, Black, and LGBTQ+ populations
  • We ask the question: When it comes to the increasing dissension we ask the question, what are we afraid of?
  • How Child Advocates is committed to fighting for justice, equity, and wellness for every child and interrupting racism for children
  • Great insight into our ‘hopes for tomorrow’ for our children
  • Why Tyne Partell says one of her hopes is that our children, whether LGBTQ or not, live to be adults
  • How you can join us in raising your voice for every child’s future

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