What’s the Truth About Critical Race Theory? Hear from a Professor with Firsthand Knowledge | Podcast Episode 3

Posted on August 11th, 2021

What are we afraid of? Why don’t some people want to talk about all of America’s history, including black history? And what is Critical Race Theory?

In this podcast, Child Advocates seeks the truth with an expert in Critical Race Theory. He’s a law professor from Indiana University who was one of the founders of Critical Race Theory workshops in colleges and universities in the 1980’s. He shares the real story of its’ purpose and why it’s not about shame or blame.

Child Advocates believes when we are willing to educate ourselves, we are better equipped to build a brighter future for every child where race does not determine their life outcomes.


  • Dr. Kevin Brown/Professor of Law/Indiana University
  • Cindy Booth/Child Advocates CEO
  • Jill English/Chief of Interrupting Racism for Children/Child Advocates
  • Angela Cain/Communications Consultant/Host




  • 5:20 – How colorblindness and individualism impacted laws and often ignored institutional or unconscious racism
  • 10:15 – Why our nation’s racial history, including discrimination, is not the fault of individuals in society today, but an inherited problem that we need to solve
  • 13:50 – More information on where Critical Race Theory teaching started and where it largely remains: in law schools, colleges, and universities
  • 16:00 – Professor Brown’s response to some of the protests of Critical Race Theory and diversity and inclusion efforts in Central Indiana and why there are important black history lessons for all children in schools, including the role of black soldiers in the Civil War. You may be surprised at what Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant said about black soldiers
  • 19:15 – The history of Ulysses Grant as President who fought to protect the rights of black freedmen, including passing several civil rights bills and devastating the KKK forces
  • 22:15 – Why Professor Brown says the most segregated students in society today are white students
  • 29:04 – Why there wouldn’t be a need for Critical Race Theory if everyone’s history, and everyone’s story, were included – not excluded
  • 36:10 – Former Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall Shepherd’s role as a driving force in increasing opportunities for people of color in the legal community
  • 38:30 – The important and powerful role of whites as allies in the movement for race equity for all
  • 42:30 – How racism disconnects us and hurts all of us
  • 46:35 – The challenge of Critical Race Theory as the oppression of people of color became normalized
  • 50:45 – Why there shouldn’t be shame and blame about racial discrimination but we have to ‘feel’ to heal
  • 51:50 – What can we do, together, to stand up, face our past, and change our children’s future so that race is never a predictor of their life outcomes? The importance of people of every race and ethnicity to work together, as many have in the past, to create a better world for children

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