Our Kids. Our Cases. Meet Brianna.

Posted on August 4th, 2015

stephWith all of our current Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers currently serving cases, Child Advocates is urgently seeking new volunteers as CASAs for children such as six month old Brianna.  Brianna was removed from her home by the Indiana Department of Child Services after it was discovered that both her parents were using methamphetamine and other drugs, and that there was significant domestic violence between the parents.  Currently Brianna is staying with her grandmother, but unfortunately her grandmother is unable to care for her on a permanent basis.

Without a CASA volunteer, Brianna may be placed in a permanent home with no objective input about what is in her best interest.  Absent a CASA volunteer who will speak for her needs, Brianna may not receive access to adequate health care services.  Without an Advocate to lean on the system, Brianna’s parents may not gain access to the services they need to break the cycle of drug abuse and violence that have devastated their home.  Children like Brianna are especially in need of a committed advocate who will fight for their right to be treated with dignity and respect in the loving embrace of a permanent family.

The volunteer who answers the call to stand up for children such as Brianna will not be expected to go it alone.  To ensure that they are adequately prepared, all potential CASA volunteers receive 30 hours of training provided by Child Advocates, and will be assisted with their case by our professional staff.

If you are interested in becoming a CASA volunteer for the thousands of children like Brianna, click here.