Our Kids. Our Cases. Meet Steven, Ace & Mable.

Posted on February 5th, 2016

The following stories are true; though names and specific details have been altered in order protect the privacy of our children.

Every day in Marion County 20 children are victims of abuse and neglect. These are their stories.

Rundown-houseSteven (7), Ace (5) and Mable (2) wake up one morning to find both mom and dad lying on the floor, unresponsive. Their bodies appear to be a shade of blue. They plea for them to get up. The baby is crying and Ace tries to comfort her. They are alone. They are scared. Their two story house on the east side is cold from the old windows and the drafts that seep into their bedrooms. This winter has been particularly hard on their parents. Dad lost his job and mom has been working the night shift to try to make enough money to support their family. They fight a lot. Sometimes dad hits mom and threatens to kill her. Sometimes they take their “medicine” and everything is okay for a while. Times are tough but at least they have each other.

Until that morning comes when everything they have known has been turned upside down. An ambulance shows up at the house and medical staff surrounds their unresponsive parents. Someone else comes too, a stranger who takes them away from the only home they’ve ever known. Their parents are addicts these people say. They cannot properly take care of them. Their home is “unsafe” for them to live in. The heat has been off for two days and their parents have overdosed on heroin.

Steven, Ace and Mable victims of a childhood they didn’t ask for. Their days are full of questions. Questions without answers.

You can be their voice, their shield, their champion. Become a volunteer advocate today, because every childhood is worth fighting for. Volunteer Now.