Our Kids. Our Cases. Meet Baby Anna.

Posted on January 15th, 2016

The following stories are true; though names and specific details have been altered in order protect the privacy of our children.

Every day in Marion County more than 10 children are victims of abuse and neglect. These are their stories.

Little girlAnna is 6 months old. She lives with her mother in a small apartment on the west side of town. Anna has been vomiting a lot recently and she continuously cries out in pain. After days of frustration, her mother finally takes her to the hospital.

The nurse notices Anna has bruises all over her body and other noticeable injuries on her wrists and knees. Further investigation shows multiple fractures and retinal hemorrhages in both eyes.

Anna’s mother admits to being rough with her when she gets frustrated. She often pulls and pushes her when she is crying. She has thrown Anna and roughly shaken her.

Anna has been removed from her mother’s care. She is now waiting on a voice that she deserves and so desperately needs.

You can be her voice, her shield, her champion. Become a CASA volunteer today and help Anna find a safe and permanent home. Volunteer Now