Our Kids. Our Cases. Meet Jacob.

Posted on January 31st, 2018

Growing up, Jacob experienced physical and emotional abuse. After being removed from his home, he switched living arrangements and schools multiple times. He had very little support as he tried to navigate and adapt to each new living situation. Much of the time he felt alone and apathetic—especially about school. Jacob’s grades began slipping. He was in danger of failing and having to repeat the 7th grade.

As soon as Child Advocates assigned him the case, CASA Volunteer Eric jumped wholeheartedly into advocating for Jacob—especially when it came to Jacob’s education. In just a month and a half, Eric had scheduled meetings with Jacob’s teachers, counselors, and principal. Eric included Jacob in these meetings so the young man would learn to be involved and take ownership of his academics.

Jacob’s grades began improving. By the end of the term, his marks increased in three of his classes. For the first time ever, Jacob put effort into his studies and experienced the joy of learning. With encouragement from Eric, Jacob also became more socially engaged, making friends for the first time. Eric also ensured that Jacob’s academic records were complete and that credits were properly transferred from his previous school. He then obtained the Court’s permission for Jacob to get involved in extracurricular activities. All of this has transformed Jacob from a solitary, apathetic young man to someone with real hope for his future.

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