Child Advocates Receives Funding To Jumpstart LYLI Program

Posted on July 22nd, 2015

On Friday, July 10th the Kiwanis Club and Foundation of Indianapolis for presented Child Advocates with $2,500 in funding to jumpstart the LYLI (Latino Youth Leaders of Indianapolis) Program at Child Advocates.

Child Advocates recognizes that being a Latino youth in foster care can present many challenges. The LYLI Program hosts monthly outings each year for the benefit of 10-15 Latino foster youth..  These outings are designed to motivate youth the achieve success, encourage a healthy lifestyle, develop leadership skills, encourage education and give back to the community.  Examples of outings include  visiting college campuses, team building challenge courses, cultural museums visits and even a night of Latino dance lessons.

The LYLI Program will continue to work with  Latino foster Youth to build self-esteem, provide educational support, build resilience and improve academic skills with the goal of high school completion and preparation for higher education. The program will introduce them to several positive role models and provide them with necessary skills to guide themselves through and out of the foster care system.