Fostering the Holiday Spirit

Posted on October 25th, 2019

Foster Families Teams up with Child Advocates to Help Make Holiday Wishes Come True

Tommy and Jessica lay on the couch with their aunt Beth, watching Christmas movie reruns and fantasizing about colorful new toys. As they craft their dream wish lists in their heads and excitedly whisper about what Santa may bring, their aunt fakes a smile and attempts to hide her concern.

Beth obtained custody of Tommy and Jessica about six months ago, and it will be the children’s first Christmas away from their mother and previous home. Due to the heavy responsibility Beth has recently taken on, she fears she will not be able to make Tommy and Jessica’s holiday wishes come true. Luckily, Foster Fairies and Child Advocates are here to help.

Foster Fairies, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit, annually teams up with Child Advocates to help provide holiday gifts for children who otherwise may not receive any. Child Advocates staff and volunteers identify children in need of a little extra help from Santa and work with the children’s caretakers to assemble personalized wish lists. These lists are then taken back to Santa’s workshop where all of our special elves prepare gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

While this is a special opportunity for children experiencing stressful and sometimes traumatic circumstances to receive a little extra holiday cheer, it is also an opportunity for individuals and families to give back to their local youth this Holiday season. Here is how YOU can help…

Make a Donation

To make an online donation, click here and include a note that you would like your gift to be designated to the Holiday Gift Drive. All donations are welcome and appreciated!

Sponsor a Child

For individuals, families, or organizations who wish to sponsor a child/children, please contact Aleksandra Pesalj by email or phone (317) 516-7416. After signing up, a child or children will be assigned to you and you will receive their personalized wish lists. Please be patient and know that it may take some time before we are able to give you information about a child / children to shop for. Wish lists will be given to sponsors as they are available.

When you do receive information about a child and you begin to shop, please remember that gifts must be NEW and age appropriate. All gifts purchased are to be delivered to Santa’s Workshop at 2917 Roosevelt Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218 on donor designated days by December 13.

General gifts may also be delivered to Santa’s Workshop from 9am-6pm December 7 – 13 with. These gifts may include bikes, fast food gift cards, Walmart gift cards, gas cards, baby dolls, Legos, popular toys, etc.

For all other questions about possible involvement or to learn more about the program’s updated events, follow Foster Fairies on Facebook.