Our Kids. Our Cases. Meet Andrew.

Posted on July 22nd, 2015

When Andrew, 3 years old, was abandoned by his mother, he was placed in a foster home. Andrew showed signs of severe neglect and physical abuse—he had scars on his body, was not toilet

portrait of a boy smiling

trained, and his speech was extremely limited.

On the outside, Andrew was an adorable, friendly child but his history of abuse had caused serious damage to his inner, emotional health. When he became frustrated, Andrew would act violently. This challenging behavior was difficult for foster parents, so within seven months Andrew was moved three times.

Andrew’s CASA, Jackie, saw that constant movement aggravated Andrew’s emotional trauma, so she worked to keep him from being moved again. When a young couple became interested in adopting Andrew, Jackie spoke to them weekly, keeping them up-to-date on Andrew’s progress in school and at home.

Jackie accompanied Andrew to meet his adoptive parents for the first time. In fact, she helped him throughout the transition to a new home.

Now, Andrew is thriving. He is in special education classes and is happy. Jackie and Andrew still talk—the experiences they endured together have built a bond that will last forever.