Volunteer Spotlight: Audrey Walters’ Commitment to Special Education

Posted on July 30th, 2020

After working many years as a development therapist and educator for preschool students with special needs, Audrey Walters decided to use her extensive knowledge of the public school system to volunteer as an Educational Liaison with Child Advocates.

While all Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) serve children in the child welfare system experiencing abuse and/or neglect by advocating in their best interests, a portion of Child Advocates volunteers serve as Educational Liaisons. These volunteers specifically work to advocate for children’s educational needs.

Educational Liaisons use their knowledge of the school system to improve educational outcomes for students in child welfare. They resolve issues students may be having by facilitating collaborative conversations between a child’s teachers, CASA, guardians, and other influential parties.

Audrey’s decision to volunteer as an Educational Liaison stems from her faith-based passion for serving children with special needs. However, seeing the positive impact her actions directly have on the students motivates her to continue volunteering.

“Education isn’t a one size fits all for most of the children we advocate for, so having someone in their corner who knows how to navigate the world of education is crucial for their current and future success.”

By staying connected to the special education community of central Indiana, Audrey has been able to update her knowledge over the years and utilize it to serve Marion County’s neglected and abused children.

While some people do not initially understand Audrey’s unique role within the education system and these students’ lives, she is honored to serve her community’s children in this special way.

“The most rewarding part of being an EL is seeing the students be successful in the classroom.  When you understand the challenges our kiddos are facing, seeing them interact with peers in their classroom and being part of the school community puts a smile on your face.”

If you or someone you know has experience working in education and is interested in learning more about the Child Advocates Educational Liaison program, go to click here and sign up for an upcoming information session today!