Volunteer Spotlight: Jenny Terry Combats Systemic Racism One Child at a Time

Posted on July 8th, 2020

After participating in the Interrupting Racism for Children (IRFC) workshop and witnessing racial discrimination and bias throughout her 18 year career as a lawyer, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer and mother of two, Jenny Terry, now actively works to counteract the effects of racism on her community’s children through her service with Child Advocates.

Initially hearing about CASA and service opportunities while in law school, Jenny Terry jumped at the chance to advocate for children. Although she was originally drawn in by the opportunity to understand the legal system on a new level, Jenny quickly became hooked after the assignment of her first CASA case.

Through her nine years of service, Jenny has cherished the opportunity to meet, serve and learn from some of Marion County’s most vulnerable community members.

“Being a CASA has given me a greater understanding about the increasing gap between wealthy and poor, issues facing people of color and the effects of systemic racism.”

Although the immense presence of these societal issues appears daunting at times, Jenny is unwavering in her personal commitment to her mission of advocating for neglected community members.

“Individually, these issues feel too big for me to impact, but what I can do is to care about my CASA kids and their families or foster families, and advocate for the services and outcomes which are in the best interest of the children.”

Jenny values the opportunity her service as a CASA grants her to extend herself beyond her social bubble, meeting people and traveling to new parts of the community that she otherwise may not have experienced. She has gained a comprehensive understanding of both her local and global community and how its impoverished population is largely affected by systemic racism.

“For anyone wondering ‘What can I do about systemic racism?’ getting involved with Child Advocates is a great answer to that question.”

Jenny encourages Marion County residents to seek out Interrupting Racism for Children workshops and to actively assist with the dismantling of systemic racism for the good of our community’s children and their futures.

Looking to support Child Advocates? Consider donating to or attending an upcoming Interrupting Racism for Children workshop or becoming a CASA Volunteer.